Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Believe There Are Angels Among Us

Service Project for an Angel: 
There’s a song that goes I believe there are angels among us.” I have always loved that song and believed in it’s premise. Now, I believe even more!
Meet Cindy Pesek. She is, and always was, an angel among us. Cindy Pesek was one of those amazing people who influenced everyone she met for the better. She was a sweet daughter, a GREAT friend, an incredible teacher and a good, good person. She always had that twinkle in her eye and a wonderful smile that lit up the room.
My name is Michelle Sweeney and I had the privilege of being in Ms. Pesek’s 2nd grade class almost 10 years ago. Like every other student who has been in her class, and any child who has ever met her, I loved Ms. Pesek.  She not only taught me all the academic things necessary for 2nd grade, but more importantly, she taught me that I was special, I was smart, and learning was fun! She was an angel!
Cindy also made trips to the Philippines to help the children there. She raised money, books and school supplies for the children in need. When she could have been retired and relaxing, she instead, was traveling around the world to difficult, poverty stricken areas and helping the children. She truly was an angel!
Cindy Pesek’s wonderful life came to a tragic end just months ago. Her death affected hundreds and hundreds of people. Her family, friends, colleagues and students mourn the loss of this great lady. Death, at anytime is a sad event. But when a life like Cindy’s is cut short, someone who loved and touched so many people, it is tragic and heartbreaking. Our angel was taken from us.
But she will live on. She will always be an angel among us because those she loved, those she taught, those she helped will forever remember her. And her spirit will go on.

In honor of Cindy Pesek I have felt inspired to organize a Service Project. I wanted to do something that Ms. Pesek would want, something she would be proud of, something she would do herself if she were here. And so, I am gathering books for her children in the Philippines.
The books I collect will be shipped to the town of Tadian, in the Mountain Province of the Philippines. This is where Ms. Pesek went to help. Each book will have a stamp that says "In loving memory of Cindy Pesek".
If you loved Ms. Pesek. If you love teachers. If you love students. If you love education. If you believe in angels… please help with this service project in honor of Cindy Pesek.

You can help in TWO ways:
1. Donate new or gently used books. You can mail them to me or drop them off at my home.
2. Donate funds for  1) Additional books   2) The shipping to the Philippines. Our shipping costs will be a large portion of this project. 3) Funds to help people rebuild their community. The area of Tadian suffered a horrible storm and mudslide several years ago.
Hundreds were killed and even more lost their homes. They are STILL trying to rebuild! They desperately need funds to help build homes for people. For just $300 they can build a HOME for a family! If you don’t live nearby and sending books is difficult for you please send a check to help with funds to send these sweet people who desperately need help!
·         Make checks payable to: Michelle Sweeney
(ALL funds collected will be used for building funds, to purchase additional books, pay for shipping and/or any other costs associated with the project.)

Send books and/or donations to our home.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comment box below.
Thank you for your help and support. Together, we can honor this wonderful woman and we can help her spirit live on. She can forever be an angel among us!